Is it possible to arrive early or depart late?
Arrivals before the check-in time are not possible most of the time based upon cleaning and maintenance requirements. Departures after the check-out are generally not permitted for the same reason. This restriction sometimes comes as a surprise to people who are used to staying in hotels, motels, and resorts. Please try to appreciate the stark difference between the work involved in properly cleaning a private residential home and the time required to clean a much smaller hotel room. It can take up to 6 hours to clean a private residence (Hence the reason for the 6-hour gap between check-out and check-in time). Moreover, homes require routine and special maintenance, which must be completed between occupancies. In the rare event that an exception is allowed to the established times, there will likely be a fee charged by the landlord. The only way to be certain of an early arrival is to purchase the night prior to your arrival. The only way to secure a departure is to purchase the night after your scheduled departure. Please, call your host if you wish to arrange and pay for any additional nights.
What do we do if something in the house breaks?
All property owners should maintain a professional maintenance contract for their property. The specific care for a given home is going to depend on the terms and conditions of the maintenance agreement the homeowners have assumed. All the property owners have a minimum maintenance coverage, which should include on-call emergency for the house. In general, a home emergency is defined as any set of circumstances that doesn't allow for the house to be occupied safely. For example, broken windows, flooding, smoke damage, leaks, or problems with doors' locks.
Which is the Blue Casas cancellation policy ?
The cancellation policy on Blue Casas varies depending on the provider or property owner. The moment you book an accommodation, you automatically agree to that property's owner cancellation policy. Not all cancellations are eligible for a refund (either total or partial). Always check the cancellation policy present at the listing before booking a property.
How do I buy a property listed in Blue Casas?
All you have to do is click on the property that caught your interest, then click on contact us and fill in the form. Soon, one of our representatives will contact you and guide you through the buying process.
What Happens if my guest cancels the reservation?
It all depends on the cancellation policy of your property. For more information check our cancellation policy.
What happens if my host cancels my reservation?
You would get a complete refund.
Where can I check my reservation details?
There are two places where you can see all the details of your reservation: You can go to your profile and click on your trips. Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive an email with all the details. You can take a look at the email whenever you want.
Do I need a COVID test to enter the Dominican Republic?
Travelers don´t need a COVID test to enter the Dominican Republic but they need to fill the digital health form at https://eticket.migracion.gob.do before arrival. It is also a good idea to bring a picture of your vaccination card if you are vaccinated against COVID. At airports, they perform a random test on unvaccinated passengers, and that can slow the traveler´s entry. More information at: https://www.bluecasas.com/covid-protocol/
Where can I find places on the Dominican Republic where I can get a COVID test?
There is a list of aboratories where you can get tested for COVID-19 on this link: https://www.bluecasas.com/covid-protocol/